Angular Unconformity

In this image from southern Oklahoma, the reddish-colored Colling's Ranch conglomerate overlies the light-colored dipping Viola limestone .  The dark black stains seen along the contact between the two units are natural petroleum seeps.  Clasts within the Colling's Ranch conglomerate are poorly sorted sub-rounded to angular pieces of the underlying Viola limestone, which indicates the conglomerate was syntectonic, sourced and deposited locally.

Above is an image of the famous Red Wall found south and east of the Big Horn Mountains, within the Willow Springs Ranch, west north west of Kaycee, Wyoming.  The Alcova Member limestone overlies the deep red colored sandstone and mudstone beds of the Red Peak Member, of the Chugwater Group.  Both stratigraphic units are members of the Triassic Chugwater Group. home page

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