This trace fossil occurrence is interpreted to represnt Isopodichnus.  This trace is found on the top surface and bedding plane in fine-grained sandstone within a section of the Steele Shale deposited below the Shannon Member, Salt Creek Oil Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming).  Note the characteristic bi-lobate patern on either side opposite sides of the elongate axis and the 'V' shaped pattern and trackway.  The occurrnece located just above the scale preserves the movement (locomotion - Repichnia - of an ancient anarthropod moving 'northeast' to 'southwest'.  The open end of the 'V' pattern is used as an indicator for the direction of movement.  Cardinal directions used for describing the trace maker's movement is referenced with the image taken.  The trackway ends abruptly at the 'southwest' end and shows an affinity with Cruziana - another interpretation for the trace fossil. home page

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