It is vital for today's field geologist to collect and work with several varied and assorted data sets.  Today's knowledgeable field geologist must also communicate with and be prepared to provide data in appropriate formats suitable for multi-disciplinary research and industry teams.  One-, two- and three-dimensional field observations obtained should provide reservoir engineers, geologists, as well as geophysicists and other investigators with discipline-specific information.  The field geologist should be up-to-date and have an understanding of the specific questions being asked by researchers.  In addition, he needs a keen eye for identifying any needed data and must have the ability to efficiently collect multiple data, as well as the wherewithal to synthesize information across disciplines.  Additionally, today's field-trained geologist is capable of providing small- to medium-sized independent upstream oil and gas companies competitive and affordable access to leading-edge technologies and innovative ideas commonly used by major industry players.  Only a select few geoscience graduates coming out of university programs today are able to meet head-on the many challenges faced everyday in industry and research.  In my role as a field geologist, I have worked on dozens of field-based investigations requiring multi-discipline integrated data sets.


   My expertise is integrated high-resolution siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and ichnology.  Peripheral interests include paleotopography, sediment body geometry, structure, as well as kinematic analysis at regional and sub-regional scales, including timing of fluid migration and hydrocarbon trap development.  I received my B.Sc. degree from Southern Methodist University in 1999.  Currently, I am in the writing phase of completing my Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Dallas.  I have conducted and worked on many geologic investigations and field-based projects in various siliciclastic and carbonate systems in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Grand Cayman, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, Offshore Angola, Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.  My current responsibility is as a geologist evaluating and generating oil and gas prospects for a rapidly growing upstream publically traded exploration and development company.  I continue to conduct basic geologic, scientific research and field studies using outcrop, subsurface and core-based data sets.  I am also responsible for writing and delivering a continuing series of stratigraphic papers suitable for publication in refereed technical and peer-reviewed scientific journals.


    Please feel free to contact me to learn more.  Click here to view my doctoral abstract.

- Chuck D. Howell, Jr.


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